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Blend of book +‎ magazine


bookazine (plural bookazines)

  1. A publication combining elements of books and magazines.
    • 1984, Future Survey Annual 1983, World Future Society, 1984, p. 222
      A "bookazine" (in a readable, nonacademic, magazine style), created by a non-linear "organic process," to provide a systemic view of the global transition that is already under way.
    • 1992, Spider Robinson, "Rah Rah R.A.H.!", Requiem, Tor, p. 369
      It was a quarterly paperback bookazine from Ace, a book filled with fiction and speculative fact and artwork and all the little extras that make up a magazine, and it was the most consistently satisfying and thought-provoking periodical that came into my house, not excluding Omni and the Scientific American.
    • 2007, Mark Frauenfelder, Rule the Web, St. Martin's, p. 140
      It costs $34 for a two-year subscription, which includes access to all of their Web-based products and a quarterly print "bookazine."