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book +‎ -ling


bookling (plural booklings)

  1. A short-length or compact book, typically under one hundred pages.
    • 1826, “Review of The Farmer, Grazier, and Corn Merchant’s Pocket Companion” in The Literary Gazette; and Journal of Belles Lettres, Arts, Sciences, &c. for the Year 1826 (London: James Moyes, Bouverie Street), page 553
      A bit of a bookling of some thirty pages, but one of great utility, inasmuch as it contains Tables by which the value of cattle, grain, &c. &c., may be ascertained at a glance, with the utmost ease and near approach to extreme accuracy.
    • 1890, "The Lightness of Books and Their Form", The Bookmart, Volume 7, Number 82, March 1890:
      Then the proud, who love to see large octavos and duodecimos in vain bindings on their shelves, may have their fancy's fill, while to every sincere lover of literature shall be given his little light bookling, to be read abed, or lounged with in an easy-chair, or to be unpocketed for a taste of its sweetness in city car or cab, or upon still country by-paths.