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boom +‎ -y



boomy (comparative boomier, superlative boomiest)

  1. Characterized by heavy bass sounds.
    • 1999, Jon Chappell, The Recording Guitarist: A Guide for Home and Studio[1], page 54:
      If you're miking a boomy acoustic, the proximity effect can work against you, but having it on a thin-sounding arch-top can work for you.
    • 2007, Gary Gottlieb, Shaping Sound in the Studio and Beyond: Audio Aesthetics and Technology[2], page 250:
      As an airliner approaches you from a long way off, the sound is first heard as rumble, and, as it get closer and then directly overhead, the sound becomes increasingly boomier.
    • 2008 February 26, Allan Kozinn, “In Precise Movements, a Russian Sense of Drama”, in New York Times[3]:
      For the third movement Mr. Safronov had Schubert’s piano sketch as a guide, but his big, boomy orchestration, with a gentle pastoral trio at its core, sounded jarring after the first two movements.
  2. Of or pertaining to a financial boom, resources boom, baby boom, etc.
    • c. 1880s, Rudyard Kipling, quoted in 1992, John William Reps, The Making of Urban America: A History of City Planning in the United States, page 412,
      Tacoma was literally staggering under a boom of the boomiest. I do not quite remember what her natural resources were supposed to be, [] .
    • 1903, Mining Magazine: An International Monthly Review of Current Progress in Mining and Metallurgy, Volume 7, page 132,
      A larger amount of capital is seeking investment than in the boomiest of boom times, yet there is no boom now.
    • 1979, Business Week, Issues 2592-2600, page 72,
      Even in boomier times, the flexibility that leasing provides has become increasingly important to companies.