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From Spanish borracho (drunkard, wine bottle), from Latin burrus (red, flushed), from Ancient Greek πυρρός (purrhós, tawny, red)



borachio (plural borachios)

  1. (obsolete) A drunkard.
    • 1700, William Congreve, The Way of the World, act IV scene X:
      LADY WISHFORT. Offence! as I'm a person, I'm ashamed of you—foh! how you stink of wine! D'ye think my niece will ever endure such a borachio! you're an absolute borachio.
  2. (historical) A bottle for wine made of pigskin.
    • 1631, Ben Jonson, The Devil is an Ass, act II scene I:
      Meer. Yes, / But by my way of dressing, you must know, sir, / And med'cining the leather to a height / Of improved ware, like your borachio / Of Spain, sir, I can fetch nine thousand for't