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bothid (plural bothids)

  1. (zoology) Any of the species of the lefteye flounder family Bothidae.
    • 1978, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Office of Biological Services, Development of Fishes of the Mid-Atlantic Bight, [page 125],
      Accepting this classification, the bothids can be distinguished from the pleuronectids and the soles by usually having both eyes on the left side of the head.
    • 1994, G. H. Burgess, S. H. Smith, E. D. Lane, 11: Fishes of the Cayman Islands, M. A. Brunt, J. E. Davies (editors), The Cayman Islands: Natural History and Biogeography, Volume 71, page 222,
      Bothids are left-eyed flounders, that is, both eyes are found on the left side of the adults after metamorphosing from the more traditional one-eye-per-side mode as post-larvae.
    • 1997, S. J. Blaber, Fish and Fisheries in Tropical Estuaries[1], page 106:
      Among the flatfish, bothids are mainly found in deeper, less muddy situations while cynoglossids occur in shallower muddy areas.