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bow +‎ -manship



bowmanship (uncountable)

  1. A mastery of archery.
    • 1978, Unknown, The East: Volume 15[1], page 74:
      Recent archaeological evidence lends credence to the theory that the Ezo mastered bowmanship earlier than the people of any other region in Japan.
    • 1980, Jan Kamerbeek, The Plays of Sophocles: Commentaries. The Philoctetes.[2], page 1:
      The poet knows of Philoctetes' bowmanship, of his misfortune, his sad detention on Lemnos where the Achaeans left him...
    • 1988, Stephen King, The Eyes of the Dragon: A Story[3], page 64:
      And if you want to give me a really fine present, work hard in your own bowmanship classes so you can take a first-class medal as Pete did today.