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boy +‎ cock


boycock (plural boycocks)

  1. (slang) The penis of a young man.
    • 1978, Mel Kerf, Closet encounters, page 134
      ...he shoved and seven inches of boycock buried itself in the standing man's anus.
    • 1988, Rusty Winter, Aussie hot: more homosexual experiences from Down Under[1], page 108:
      Now here it was, a veritable bobby-dazzler, inches from my nose which was busier than a pointing foxhound's, twitching and whiffing away at the bevy of beguiling boycock smells.
    • 2003, John Patrick, John Butler, Living Vicariously, page 131
      I backed off for a moment to look at it again, that magnificent boycock, jutting, bouncing, leaking precum.