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Alternative forms[edit]


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brain fart (plural brain farts)

  1. (figurative, slang, mildly vulgar) Something ill-considered and said or done impulsively.
    • 2011 July 8, Grace Dent, The Guardian:
      This is love in the social media age. Candlelight dinner, fine wine, degustation, a lover's face scrunched over a phone screen live-tweeting brainfarts about the relationship to largely uninterested skim-readers.
  2. (figurative, slang, mildly vulgar) An instance of absent-mindedness or forgetfulness.
    Sorry for the brain fart, but what exactly did you say again?
    • 2001, Neil Gaiman, American Gods, William Morrow, →ISBN, page 276:
      Shadow turned off the heaters, packed some clothes into an overnight bag, then turned back to Wednesday and said, ‘Look, I feel kind of stupid. I know you just told me who we're going to see, but I dunno. I just had a brain-fart or something. It’s gone. Who is it again?’

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