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brand parity (uncountable)

  1. (business, marketing) Perceived sameness in quality and function among competing consumer products of differing brands.
    • 1983 Dec. 19, Television/Radio Age, vol 31, p. 115 (Google snippet view):
      "Today we're all competing in an era of close brand parity, where there's very little difference in benefit performance between each brand."
    • 1994, Leslie Savan, The Sponsored Life, →ISBN, p. 304 (Google preview):
      This is called "brand parity," when the only real difference between products is their ads.
    • 2005 April 7, Equifax Canada, "Is advertising really building brands?," (retrieved 4 Oct 2013):
      Some years ago, BBDO conducted a worldwide study on brand parity. . . . What we found was that in every corner of the world, consumers thought that in most cases, products within a given category were essentially the same.
    • 2008 Jan. 10, Steven Cole Smith, "Mears' crew chief deals with changes," Orlando Sentinel (retrieved 4 Oct 2013):
      Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota Camry, ran a blistering 188.830 mph. If NASCAR is looking for proof of brand parity, these final top testing speeds suggest that parity has been achieved. . . . The Ford was Matt Kenseth's Roush Fenway Fusion, with a speed of 188.494, third was Reed Sorenson's Chip Ganassi Racing Dodge Charger at 187.915 mph, and fourth was Gordon's Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet Impala at 187.837 mph.

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