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break-off (plural break-offs)

  1. That which breaks off, or is broken off
    • 2011, Vijay P. Singh, Pratap Singh, Umesh K. Haritashya, Encyclopedia of Snow, Ice and Glaciers, page 767:
      Stable glacier advance and retreat Advancing glaciers may inundate land, override installations (e.g., hydropower installations), dam rivers and form lakes, cause ice break-offs when the glacier advances over a cliff, etc.
  2. A break, discontinuance, or interruption
    • 2016, Tim Baarslag, Exploring the Strategy Space of Negotiating Agents:
      All break-offs occur due to the deadline being reached or an occasional agent crash on a big domain.
  3. (billiards, snooker) The first shot in a game of snooker or other cue-game




  1. To play the first shot in a game of snooker