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From Middle English brekil, brikel, brukel, brokel (easily broken or shattered, brittle, fragile), from Old English *brycel, *brucol (as in hūsbrycel (burglarious, literally tending to break into houses, i.e. "house-breakative"), scipbrucol (destructive to shipping, causing shipwreck, literally tending to break ships or shipping down, i.e. "ship-breakative")), from Proto-Germanic *brukilaz, *brukulaz (liable or tending to break), extended form of Proto-Germanic *brukiz (breakable), equivalent to break +‎ -le. Compare brittle.


breakle (comparative more breakle, superlative most breakle)

  1. (dialectal) Apt to, capable of, or tending to break; fragile; brittle.
    • 1855, Ulster Archaeological Society, Ulster journal of archaeology:
      At "Blackhead" — "Here is a breakle black touche stone under other rough stone."

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