bride price

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Alternative forms[edit]


bride price (plural bride prices)

  1. A sum of money or other valuables paid by a bridegroom or on his behalf to the family of the bride, in some cultures.
    • 1937, Grace Crowfoot, "Custom and Folk Tale in Palestine. The Dowry or Bride Price," Folklore, vol. 48, no. 1, p. 31:
      It is well known in Artas as in other villages exactly what the bride price should customarily be—so much for a cousin bride, so much more for a village bride, more still for a stranger.
    • 2018, Lucy Moore, "Founding Mothers", Literary Review, November 2018:
      Their fares across the Atlantic were paid on the understanding that when they married, their Virginian husbands would pay a bride price for them of 150 pounds of tobacco, then worth about £22 (perhaps seven years’ salary for a domestic maid).