bring the lumber

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bring the lumber (third-person singular simple present brings the lumber, present participle bringing the lumber, simple past and past participle brought the lumber)

  1. (baseball) To hit extra-base hits.
    • 2005, “Hurricanes Knock Willis Around”, in Lewiston Tribune, Lewiston, ME:
      While Dontrelle Willis got limber, the guys facing him brought the lumber — or aluminum, in this case
  2. (sports) To play in a physically aggressive way in a contact sport, especially defensively.
    • 2001 January 21, “REBELS TAME WILDCATS”, in Sun Herald, OXFORD, MS, page B1:
      Ole Miss center Rahim Lockhart stayed on the floor. And the Rebels moved in front of Kentucky and stayed there. "I told the guys I was going to get through the first half with one foul," Lockhart said. "Then, in the second half, I was able to bring the lumber." The No. 21 Rebels used Lockhart's tenacious defense near the basket and Jason Harrison's outside shooting to []
    • 2008 November 14, “Tri-Valley, Groton set for rematch”, in Argus Leader:
      Along with Kirby (47 tackles), Welbig (35) brings the lumber for a defense that has allowed just 8.2 points a game against a tough schedule