bro hug

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bro hug (plural bro hugs)

  1. Alternative form of bro-hug
    • 2000 September 6, Waro, “Re: Vermort-5”, in, Usenet[1], retrieved 2016-03-23, message-ID <>:
      Rich...if you got out behind that computer terminal and went out to the meets I don't think they would pound the shit out of you. They would probably give you one of those big bro hugs and tell you your a funny guy.
    • 2010, Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever, HarperCollins (2010), →ISBN, page 131:
      Before I can say Usher's name, the crowd catches sight of him coming out on stage behind me. The place goes bananas. Usher gives me a sideways bro hug.
    • 2013, Heather Burch, Avenger, Zondervan (2013), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      Two seconds later, the two guys were in one of those slap-on-the-back bro hugs.
    • 2014, Lisa Desrochers, A Little Too Hot, HarperCollins (2014), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      We weave our way around the mezzanine to the DJ booth, and Jonathan gives Big Pete a bro hug: two sharp claps on the back, then break.