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Unknown; perhaps from James Brumby, early Australian farrier, who is said to have left horses at his abandoned property.


  • IPA(key): /ˈbɹʌmbi/
  • (file)


brumby (plural brumbies)

  1. (Australia) A wild or feral horse.
    • 1938, Xavier Herbert, Capricornia, Chapter VIII, p. 125, [1]
      I'm too weak to ride. I'd have to ride, because for one thing the white-ants have eaten the wheels of my buckboard, and my one cart-horse has gone bush with the brumbies.
    • 1967, December 22, Life[2], page 69:
      He captures brumbies, the wild horses of the outback, running them down on motorcycles and shipping them to the city where they are butchered for pet food.
    • 1976, Tom Lee McKnight, Friendly Vermin: A Survey of Feral Livestock in Australia[3], page 17:
      If the latter situation prevails, brumbies can be developed into valuable stockhorses, either for use on the local property or for sale in other areas.
      Whatever the condition of a captured brumby, there is always the potential of selling it for pet food, fish bait, or even for human consumption.
    • 1988, Tom Cole, Hell West and Crooked:
      Harry Farquharson said there were two or three springs and that the horses were “bloody wild”. He said there were probably about 300 and they were good horses, a long way above the average brumby.


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