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From Mexican Spanish mestengo, from Old Spanish mesteño (feral animal) or mestengo (feral animal).



mustang (plural mustangs)

 Mustang (horse) on Wikipedia
  1. A small, hardy, naturalized (feral) horse of the North American west.
    • 1846, Thomas Bangs Thorpe, The Mysteries of the Backwoods, Carey and Hart, page 12:
      The mustang pony, the invariable companion of the inhabitant of the prairie, whether he is rich or poor, is a little creature, apparently narrow-chested, and small across the loins.
    • 1851, Mayne Reid, The Scalp Hunters; Or, Romantic Adventures in Northern Mexico, vol. 3, Charles J. Skeet, page 145:
      Having ridden a distance of two or three miles, Garey slackened his pace, and put the mustang to a slow walk.
  2. (US, military slang) A merchant marine who joined the U.S. Navy as a commissioned officer during the American Civil War.
    • 1903, James Hoyt (editor), Seen & Heard by Megargee, L.N. Megargee, page 1754:
      He is a product of the merchant marine and is one of the officers called "Mustangs" who entered the navy during the Civil War.
    • 1939, Fred J. Buenzle, Bluejacket, W. W. Norton & Company, page 179:
      He was the son of a famous artist, and was what we termed a "mustang" officer, who had come into the navy from the merchant service during the Civil War.
  3. (US, military slang, generalized) A commissioned officer who started military service as an enlisted person.
    • 1918, Alfred Emanuel Smith, New Outlook, volume 120 (September–December 1918), Outlook Publishing Company, page 417:
      … and the chief engineer is a "mustang" — that is, an officer who has risen from the ranks of enlisted men.
    • 1943, Josef Israels, He's in the Marine Corps Now, R.M. McBride & Company, page 170:
      Mustang— Officer who came up through the ranks. None better.





mustang m

  1. mustang (horse)