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Representing the Cockney pronunciation of brother.



bruvver (plural bruvvers)

  1. (Cockney slang) Brother.
    • 1953, Ezra Pound, letter to Margaret Anderson, reproduced in Thomas L. Scott et al. (editors), Pound/The Little Review: the Letters of Ezra Pound to Margaret Anderson, New Directions Books (1988), page 314:
      Gurdjieff I thot a man an a bruvver, but NObuddy is goin to swallow Ouspensky
    • 1992, Harry Bowling, The girl from Cotton Lane, Headline Book Publishing:
      Gawd knows when yer bruvver's gonna get married.
  2. Nonstandard form of brother.
    • 1973, Toni Morrison, Sula, page 60:
      Chicken was still elated. "I was way up there, wasn’t I? Wasn’t I? I’m a tell my brovver."

Derived terms[edit]