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From Proto-Albanian *bukā, continuing *bʰok (to burn), further related to Proto-Indo-European *bʰōg (to roast, bake).[1] Possibly a derivative of a disused verb. Close to Phrygian βεκος (begos, bread), Illyrian *bagaron (warm), Armenian բոց (bocʿ, flame), Latin focacius (kind of baked dough), from focus (fire), Ancient Greek φώγω (phṓgō, roast, verb) and Old English bacan (to bake). An alternative etymology derives it from Latin bucca (mouth), with a semantic development to 'food' through a Balkan source.[2]


bukë f (indefinite plural bukë, definite singular buka, definite plural bukët)

  1. bread
  2. food
    Synonym: ushqim



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