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Irish bullán.


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bullaun (plural bullauns)

  1. A natural depression in a stone, often filled with water and sometimes pebbles.
    • 1972, Seamus Heaney, "A New Song", Wintering Out, Faber and Faber (1972):
      And Castledawson we'll enlist
      And Upperlands, each planted bawn-
      Like bleaching-greens resumed by grass-
      A vocable, as rath and bullaun.
    • 1987, Paul Muldoon, "Brock", Meeting The British, Faber and Faber (1987):
      For when he shuffles
      across the esker
      I glimpse my grandfather’s whiskers
      stained with tobacco-pollen.
      When he piddles against a bullaun
      I know he carries bovine TB