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bumfluffed (comparative more bumfluffed, superlative most bumfluffed)

  1. Alternative form of bum-fluffed
    • 1967, Gordon Hunt, The forgotten land, page 202:
      I could imagine this ex-naval man saying something like, 'That will teach you bumfluffed babies to leave shooting tigers to your betters.'
    • 2008 -, Stuart Maconie, Pies and Prejudice: In search of the North, →ISBN, page 100:
      Pulling your trenchcoat up around your bumfluffed cheeks and sneaking past the bouncers for a crafty pint of Best on Deansgate.
    • 2015, A. D. Miller, The Faithful Couple, →ISBN:
      Claire prised the baby from her breast so Neil could kiss the bumfluffed head, smiling her queenly, disappointed smile.