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bum-fluff +‎ -ed

Alternative forms[edit]


bum-fluffed (comparative more bum-fluffed, superlative most bum-fluffed)

  1. Covered in bum-fluff; fuzzy rather than growing hair or a beard.
    • 2011, Mick Herron, Reconstruction, →ISBN:
      More like twenty – bum-fluffed rather than bearded, but beyond the point at which the mouth seems too big for the head; the nose too small for the face.
    • 2013, Ollie Locke, Laid in Chelsea: My Life Uncovered, →ISBN:
      Rupert hit puberty alarmingly early, and had he not been caught with cereal and shed the pounds he would have resembled a young, bum-fluffed version of George Michael, which is never a good look.
    • 2014, Fredrik Backman, A Man Called Ove, →ISBN:
      His emaciated bum-fluffed face is covered in blackheads and his hair looks as if someone saved him from drowning in a barrel by pulling him up by his locks.