bumfuck nowhere

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Alternative forms[edit]


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Proper noun[edit]

bumfuck nowhere

  1. (vulgar) The middle of nowhere; a nondescript, isolated, and underdeveloped locale whose precise location may be difficult to ascertain.
    • 2007, Paul Carter, Don't Tell Mom I Work on the Rigs, page 53
      All nine passengers and crew died yesterday when a twelve-seater Sikorsky helicopter operated by Doom Air crashed in a really big ball of flames shortly after takeoff from Bumfuck Nowhere regional airport.
    • 2010, Richard Smith, Freezer Burn, page 225
      It's bad enough to be in jail, in a middle of bum fuck nowhere, the last thing he wants to find out is what the prison population is like.
    • 2010, Bianca D'Arc, Brotherhood of Blood, page 144
      Please, please, please let me have cell phone service. I was in the middle of bumfuck nowhere
    • 2011, Terrance Dean, Mogul, page 123
      “How the fuck you take a nigga from bum-fuck nowhere and let him live in your spot.
    I can't believe we're lost in the middle of bumfuck nowhere with a broken-down car!

Usage notes[edit]

Often used in the phrase "(in) the middle of bumfuck nowhere", an intensified form of "(in) the middle of nowhere".


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