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bun (a tight roll of hair worn at the back of the head) +‎ head


bunhead (plural bunheads)

  1. (informal) An obsessive or extremely dedicated ballerina.
    • 2000, Donna Allegra, Witness to the League of Blond Hip Hop Dancers, Alyson Books, →ISBN, page 201:
      A bunhead who must have strayed from her New York City Ballet aspirations glanced furtively about the room, []
    • 2005, Alexandra Moss, Lara's Leap of Faith[1], Grosset & Dunlap, →ISBN:
      "Sophie — you're meant to be saying what an honor it is to be studying at The Royal Ballet School, and how you can't wait to become a 'bunhead' — you know, one of those ballet-obsessed people who eat, sleep, and breathe nothing but ballet!"
    • 2006, Leslie Carroll, Spin Doctor, HarperCollins, →ISBN, page 19:
      [] I'm an aging bunhead. That's my problem. Like I told you, my life is ... But a dancer—especially a ballet dancer—has a shelf life that's shorter than a quart of milk []