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burocrat (plural burocrats)

  1. rare spelling of bureaucrat
    • 1926, HW Fowler, A Dictionary of Modern English Usage:The Classic First Edition, Reprint edition, Oxford University Press, published 2009, →ISBN:
      The formation is so barbarous that all attempt at self-repect in pronunciation may perhaps as well be abandoned. … it is only to be desired that the spelling could also be changed to burocrat
    • 2004, David Robinson, An Expat's Life, Luxembourg & the White Rose: Part of an Englishman Living Abroad Series[1], iUnivers, →ISBN, page 219:
      They might only be burocrats doing their jobs but it only takes the odd one or two to let the side down for all the others who are doing a sterling job.
    • 2006, Tim Lander, Inappropriate Behaviour[2], Broken Jaw Press, →ISBN, page 105:
      … laughing at the pomposity of the petty burocrats
    • 2011, Décio Krause, Antonio Videira, Brazilian Studies in Philosophy and History of Science: An account of recent works Volume 290 of Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science[3], Springer, →ISBN, page 240:
      Latour supports the works done by scientists, politicians, economists, burocrats, and moralists.
    • 2012, Andrew Barker, Fictions from an Orphan State[4] (Literary Criticism), Camden House, →ISBN, page 103:
      … when the enlightened and assimilated Viennese burocrat Dr. Frankl realizes with horror …

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