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burst +‎ -let



burstlet (plural burstlets)

  1. A short burst (of energy)
    • 2008 October 7, Kathryn Lilley, chapter 20, in A Killer Workout: A Fat City Mystery[1], Obsidian Mystery, →OCLC:
      A burstlet of brain confusion kept me from grasping what the pet sitter was saying. "Charlene, do you mean she's dead?"
    • 2019 December 30, Prajkta S. Kallurkar, Cameron Grover, Maria Cristina D. Picardo, Christopher A. Del Negro, “Evaluating the Burstlet Theory of Inspiratory Rhythm and Pattern Generation”, in eNeuro[2], volume 7, number 1, →DOI:
      Here, we test “burstlet” theory (Kam et al., 2013a), which posits that low amplitude burstlets, subthreshold from the standpoint of inspiratory bursts, reflect the fundamental oscillator of the preBötC.
  2. A form of packaging for liquids that "burst" in the mouth