bush baptist

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Alternative forms[edit]


bush baptist (plural bush baptists)

  1. (slang) A fictitious religious affiliation, invoked by a person who does not claim or admit affiliation with a particular church.
    I asked Jim what religion he was, and he replied "bush baptist".
  2. (slang) A person not educated in any particular religion; a religious zealot or proselytiser not educated in religion.
    • 1975, Cicely Louise Evans, The Saint Game[1], page 80:
      Annesley knew this meant that she was not to tell tales, but about what? Did Uncle Walker want his Bush Baptist religion kept a secret?
    • 1999, American Association for State and Local History, History News, Volumes 54-56, page 69,
      The Creole slave revolts in Dominica in 1823, involved bush Baptists and slave catechists who attacked plantations and which led to 250 deaths; []
    • 2009, Sheryl McCorry, Diamonds and Dust[2], page 120:
      He had always been there in my time of need and yet he knew I was a bush Baptist.