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bush fire (plural bush fires)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand) Alternative form of bushfire
    Australia has always been prone to bush fires due to its woody landscape.
    • 1910 March, Metal Beaters for Extinguishing Bush Fires, Popular Mechanics, page 363,
      Bush fires in Australia are usually fought by gangs of men who drive the flames back with hide, fiber, or metal beaters, the latter being a new invention consisting of a flexible metal beard or switch attached to a stout wooden handle.
    • 1998, Garrett Nagle, Hazards[1], page 108:
      The Australian bush fires of January 1994 were the result of a combination of factors: intense heat during the day (>40°C), for a number of days, causing plants to ignite later; lightning; littering of cigarettes; arson; and the dry weather, which made the vegetation extremely dry.
    • 2010, Peter Speth, Impacts of Global Change on the Hydrological Cycle in West and Northwest Africa[2], page 262:
      Hunting occurs during the dry season and frequently results in bush fires which burn out of control and cause extensive property damage and mortality each year.