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Alternative forms[edit]


Respelling of busting (or bursting, as in "bursting with flavor") to reflect pronunciation with consonant cluster reduction and g-dropping. Compare chirren, chil'ren


  • IPA(key): /ˈbʌsɪn/
  • (file)


bussin' (not comparable)

  1. (slang, originally African-American Vernacular) Delicious.
    • 2017, Y Blak Moore, Heartless, →ISBN, page 85:
      “Her cake and brownies be bussin.” Swan never looked up from what he was doing or he would have seen a look of total longing on Shay's face.
    • 2018, King Vance, L's Angels:
      They all sucked their teeth and started fixing my plate. The food was bussin', they knew what they were doing in the kitchen.
    • 2018, “Diary of the Plug's Daughter 3”, in Sol, Sullivan Group Publishing, →ISBN:
      “Uhh, Georgetown is not around the corner, but I feel cupcakes do be bussin.” “Yoooo, that's what I'm saying. Especially that maple creme and bacon one []
    • 2020, Travis Lamar, Memoirs of a Kuntri Boi, page 81:
      I hope at SC State dem boi food be bussin like how e iz down ya. Fo real.
    1. (by extension) Really good.



  1. Pronunciation spelling of bussing.
    • 1998, Richard Parrish, Defending the Truth, Onyx Books, →ISBN:
      “Reckon I'll be bussin' tables over t the L and L.” “You don't have civil service protection?” Edgar shook his head.
    • 2000, Barbara Bretton, The Bride Came C. O. D., Harlequin Books, →ISBN:
      "Before too long, they'll be bussin' 'em up from Seattle to take my fish."
    • 2018, Timothy J Amerine, Hell in a Handbasket, Xlibris Corporation, →ISBN:
      “I'd still be bussin' dishes an' Rebecca here would still be workin' in the galley. Shit.” Bill went on.
  2. Pronunciation spelling of busting.
    • 2006, Tina Brooks McKinney, B.L.U.N.T., Meisha Camm, Around the Way Girls 8, Urban Books, →ISBN:
      “I be bussin' these niggas asses in Scrabble, so that shit is gon' help my game, you feel me?” “No doubt, I know damn well you be bussin' them niggas' asses,  []
    • 2018, G. Modele Clarke, Stories from the Pews, Xlibris Corporation, →ISBN:
      “Well, at least the partners know we're the ones who are bussin' our butts to make the campaigns happen.” “That's just it,” Vincent said. “They don't know,  [] "