but me no buts

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Coined in 1709 by Susanna Centlivre in the play The Busie Body.


but me no buts

  1. Used to cut off objections or qualifications
    • 1709, Susanna Centlivre, The Busie Body[1]]:
      Sir Fran. But me no Buts Be gone, Sir: Dare to ask me for Money agen Refuse Forty Thousand Pound! Out of my Doors, I say, without reply.
    • 1730, Henry Fielding, Rape Upon Rape:
      But Sir —— ¶ POL. But me no buts —— what can be the reason of all this warlike preparation, which all our news-papers have informed us of.
    • 1816, Sir Walter Scott, The Antiquary[2]:
      "I heartily wish I could, but"--"Nay, but me no buts I have set my heart upon it." "I am greatly obliged, my dear sir, but..."
    • 1889, Mark Twain, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court:
      Nay, but me no buts, offer me no objections.
    • 1980, Tom Sharpe, Ancestral Vices[3], →ISBN, page 312:
      "No," said Yapp. "But—" ¶"But me no buts, sir. We can take it that the act of adultery is established.
    • 2003, Wilbur Smith, Monsoon[4], →ISBN, page 1:
      Yes, but— ' ¶'But me no buts.' Tom glowered at him. 'Who's the captain of this crew, anyway?'

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