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butt-breath (plural butt-breaths)

  1. Alternative form of buttbreath
    • 1994, Deborah Chiel, The War, Jove Books (1994), →ISBN, page 160:
      "It's ours now, butt-breath! Beat it!" Arliss screamed.
    • 1997, Jess Mowry, Babylon Boyz, Simon & Schuster (1997), →ISBN, page 43:
      "You gotta wash them dishes, butt-breath!" Wyatt grinned.
    • 2009, Peter C. Jacobson, The Dead President's Club: Tecumseh's Curse, Xlibris (2009), →ISBN, page 61:
      “Hey butt-breath who were you talking to?” she asked snootily.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:butt-breath.