butt chin

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Alternative forms[edit]


From the resemblance to buttocks.


butt chin (plural butt chins)

  1. (Canada, US, informal) a cleft chin
    • 2011, C. Lazarus, Father on the Loose!
      Still looking lost and confused, Clive scratched his butt-chin, looked me in the eye with both pupils constricted, and full of uncertainty, he stammered as he fired yet another question.
    • 2010, Scott Pratt, Injustice for All
      Katie immediately noticed a deep cleft in his chin. “Butt chin” was what the kids at school called it.
    • 2010, Beth Williamson, Unbridled
      Alex barked a laugh, surprising both of them. "Butt chin? What does that mean?"
      "It's got a crack in it, like a butt. Daddy had the butt chin, too."
    • 2008, Sara Shepard, Flawless, page 206:
      Aria sneaked a peek at Sean. Her eyes kept gravitating toward the little cleft in his chin. Ali used to call them "butt chins," but it was actually pretty cute.
    • 2007, Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, Sullivan's Evidence, page 334:
      His most distinctive feature was his cleft chin. Some people jokingly referred to it as a “butt chin.” Sheppard's dimpled chin wasn't at all unsightly.
    • 2006, Carol Weston, Melanie in Manhattan, page 261:
      He had a cleft chin, or as Matt whispered to me, a butt chin.
    • 2004, Justin Hocking, Jeffrey Knutson, Jared Jacang Maher, Life and Limb: Skateboarders Write from the Deep End
      page 107
      He bent down slowly and got so close to my face, I could see the lines in his glossy, unchapped lips and the stubbled hairs in the crack of his butt-chin.
      page 123
      And I told him everything; his perfect teeth glistened, a dimple flattered his flawless butt-chin.
    • 2004, Hailey Abbot, Summer Boys, page 79:
      "I guess he does have a butt chin."
    • 1995, John Sandford, Night Prey
      He had a chin on him, a butt-chin, with a dimple in it.