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cærimony (plural cærimonies, or (obsolete, rare) cærimonys)

  1. Archaic spelling of ceremony.
    • ante 1694, Matthew Robinson [aut.] and John Eyton Bickersteth Mayor [ed.], Autobiography of Matthew Robinson (1856), page 86
      To these irregularities in spelling must be added some peculiarities of inflection; (1). Plurals: cærimonys (p. 74), countrys, dignitys, enimys, ferrys, infirmitys, lifes, monys, pluralitys, themselfs. (2). Preterites: breed (p. 47), see (p. 35; foresee, p. 57). (3). Participles: acquitt (p. 69), committ (p. 68).