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Scottish Gaelic[edit]


From Old Irish cír, from Proto-Celtic *kīnsrā.



cìr f (genitive singular cìre, plural cìrean)

  1. comb, crest (of a cock)
    • eun cìr-dhearg an aonaichthe red-crested fowl of the heath
  2. cud
    • Tha a' bhó a' cnàmh na cìre.The cow is chewing the cud.
  3. jaw
  4. part of a key containing the teeth
  5. sheep; any cud-chewing animal

Derived terms[edit]


cìr (past chìr, future cìridh, verbal noun cìreadh, past participle cìrte)

  1. comb
  2. curry, tease, hackle (as with wool)


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