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Alternative forms[edit]


caballing ‎(countable and uncountable, plural caballings)

  1. (oceanography) The process whereby two water masses of differing temperatures and/or salinities mix and produce a water mass of higher density which subsequently sinks.
  2. (dated) Secret plotting.
    • 1810, Daniel Horsmanden, The New York Conspiracy
      And lastly, the examinant saith, that from the beginning of these conversations with the said Mary Burton, about these plottings and caballings between the Hughsons and the negroes []
    • Thomas Longueville, The Curious Case of Lady Purbeck
      In all these negotiations, and caballings, and intriguings, the person most concerned, Frances Coke, the beauty and the heiress, was only the ball in the game.



  1. present participle of cabal