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Blend of cable +‎ television


cablevision (uncountable)

  1. cable television
    • 1974, Canada. Parliament. Senate, Debates of the Senate: Official Report (Hansard)
      A further closely related policy of the CRTC is that Canadian stations should have first call on cablevision channels, with which principle no one can argue save where a spurious application of the principle is threatened []
    • 1991, Gloria J. Kaufman, In Stitches: A Patchwork of Feminist Humor and Satire, page 16:
      When I came back Elaine had left on her date with the short-order cook, and Pam was watching Valley of the Dolls on cablevision.
    • 2007, Wayne Lee Gay, Short Stories, page 68:
      Brett's camped out on the couch, watching Mexican prize fighting on cablevision.