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caco- +‎ -logy


cacology (usually uncountable, plural cacologies)

  1. Poor diction or choice of words.
    • 1867 May 25, Charles Dickens, "Social Siftings", All the Year Round, No. 422, p. 526 (Google preview):
      My lord's sayings and doings are most amusing. As I mentioned his cacology, I will give you a sample. His second wife took great pains to improve him, but in vain. When he came here under her tutelage, she watched his words, and always corrected him, even before company. One day, being asked to take some lunch, he declined, saying ‘I have been eating selvedges all day.’ My Lady, correcting, said, ‘Sandwiches, my Lord.’ He replied, ‘Ah, my Lady, I wish you'd be quiet, you're always rebuting me.’

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