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Inherited from Old French calendier, kalendier (cf. also the early Middle French form chalendrier), from Latin calendārium. Doublet of calendaire.


  • IPA(key): /ka.lɑ̃.dʁ
  • (file)


calendrier m (plural calendriers)

  1. calendar (an organized, linear system used for measuring long periods of time)
    Synonym: (Louisiana) almanaque m
    calendrier solairesolar calendar
    calendrier lunairelunar calendar
    Le calendrier hégirien, utilisé par les communautés musulmanes, est un calendrier lunaire synodique.
    The Hijri calendar, used by Muslim communities, is a synodic lunar calendar.
  2. calendar (a chart or other visual aid, organized and printed or made otherwise reviewable for the purpose of tracking the progression of time)
    Synonym: (Louisiana) almanaque m
    Quelques événements sont déjà inscrits au calendrier.
    Some events are already listed in the calendar.
  3. program, schedule

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