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From calf +‎ -ling.


calfling (plural calflings)

  1. A small, young, or miniature calf.
    • 1995, Canadian children's literature - Issue 77, Volume 21 - Issue 80, Volume 21 - Page 13:
      Nick observes the whale both with her calfling, and with Marty, but he does not communicate with her.
    • 2000, Donna Fletcher Crow, Glastonbury: The Novel of Christian England - Page 537:
      It was beautiful—the silver moon shone on the calfling while Dark- Eye licked her and I rubbed her with grass, and everything was shiny.
    • 2012, Ann Lethbridge, The Laird's Forbidden Lady - Page 136:
      His enemy. And if the man had hated his family before, this was going to make things worse. She looked over. Caught his gaze and smiled. 'It tastes lovely.' Hellfire and brimstone, he'd been staring like some besotted calfling.