calm your tits

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calm your tits

  1. (idiomatic, vulgar) Calm down! (Used to tell someone to relax when they are agitated, angry, overexcited, etc.)
    • 2011, Doc Watson, "Game Over, Man!: Has Doom & Gloom Come All Too Soon?", Salient (Victoria University of Wellington), Volume 74, Issue 7, 11 April 2011, page 31:
      The act of pareidolia is such that the culmination of completely arbitrary events leads to the jackrabbit assumption that we might as well call it a day and close shop. Without any hard evidence, we wave the white flag. And yes, an earthquake counts as an arbitrary event. Calm your tits.
    • 2011, Victoria Smith, "From Sidelines to Varsity", The Union Weekly (California State University, Long Beach), Volume 69, Issue 7,10 October 2011, page 11:
      Unfortunately, I had only heard of J. Cole on R&B singer Miguel's single "All I Want is You" (calm your tits, hip-hop junkies); however, I can say that I am more than pleased this season (considering the NBA lockout disappointment).
    • 2013, Julie Kosin, "An Eye For An Icon", The Miscreant, Issue 35, page 15:
      I can hear you cringing at this choice, but calm your tits and watch the music video.
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