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camp +‎ out, from the phrasal verb.


campout (plural campouts)

  1. A gathering or event at which people sleep outdoors or camp.
    • 1917. Seton, Ernest Thompson. The Woodcraft Manual for Boys. p. 423
      The Degree of Three Years' Service may be conferred on any one who has been a member of a Woodcraft Tribe for three years, never missing a tribal campout in that time, attending half of the tribal meetings at other times, and having a clear record for law and order.
    • 2004. Murray, Mary. Traits of Writing Skills Grade 2-3 Creative Teaching Press, →ISBN p. 63
      Circle the words that would be good to use in a story titled "The Scariest Campout Ever!"
    • 2006. Silverman, Goldie Gendler. Camping with Kids: The Complete Guide to Car, Tent, and RV Camping. Wilderness Press. →ISBN p. 44
      Even if you have a whole week of vacation and not just a short weekend, for your first campout with small children you are better off planning a trip of only one or two nights until you get the hang of camping.

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