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From Italian canaglia, cf. French canaille.



  1. Alternative form of canaille (people of the lowest classes)
    • The London Magazine, Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer (volume 37)
      [] in whatever light Mr. Sharp's profession may be looked upon in Italy, yet as he is in this country allowed by a gentleman, it is certainly very impudent in Mr. Baretti to treat him so frequently on English ground with such illiberal language, which, however he informs us is not to be met with in Italy, except amongst the canail.
  2. Alternative form of canaille (the inferior part of flour)
    • 1858, Ohio State Board of Agriculture, Annual Report, page 761:
      The average weight is about 48 lbs. per bushel, and 16 to 18 lbs. of superfine flour per bushel. The canail I consider worth more per pound than oats for stock; it is quite bitter and seems to act as a tonic, and sharpens the appetite much.