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care +‎ bear, referring to the Care Bears, a brand of cheerful bear figures on greeting cards.


carebear (plural carebears)

  1. (slang, derogatory, video games) A player who is not a griefer; one who dislikes, or tries to prevent, trouble in the game world.
    • 2001, "John Peat", Losing XP - is it the fairest system (on newsgroup
      Role-players, carebears and casual gamers belong here. They advance at their own pace, oblivious to the race going on around them.
    • 2002, "Ron Jeremy", I'm done with AC2.. Moving to Neocron on 13th! (on newsgroup
      If a guy turns out to be a griefer, he won't last... [] Personally, i'd[sic] be more than happy if the carebear fucks stayed the hell out of Neocron.
    • 2002, "foamy", Sar[sic] Wars MMOG: No appeal for me (on newsgroup
      There are always going to be carebears who will scream at the slightest notion that they can't take their leisurely stroll through the game where nothing bad ever happens, but piss on 'em. :-)