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cary (third-person singular simple present caries, present participle carying, simple past and past participle caried)

  1. Obsolete spelling of carry
    • 1598, George of Montemayor, Bartholomew Yong, transl., Diana of George of Montemayor, London: [] Edm. Bollifant, [i]mpensis G[eorge] B[ishop], pages 194–195:
      That firſt, and higheſt Sphere, / That mooues, and is not moou’d againe / Of any other heauen, that mooues one whit: / The which with his Careare, / And ſwifteſt courſe doth turne away / The loweſt heauens, and caries after it: / An order doth admit, / And doth maintaine, not erring in the leſt: / For it doth cary them with ſpeede, / And with more haſte (indeede) / The neareſt heauen to it, from Eaſt to Weſt: / But rule thou doſt diſdaine, / And onely without order doſt remaine.