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race (having a characteristic taste (of wines, fruits, etc.)) +‎ -y[1].


  • IPA(key): /ˈɹeɪsi/
    • (file)
  • Rhymes: -eɪsi


racy (comparative racier, superlative raciest)

  1. Mildly risqué.
    She wore a racy dress that was just barely appropriate for the occasion.
    a racy story
  2. Having a strong flavor indicating origin; of distinct characteristic taste; tasting of the soil.
    Synonyms: fresh, rich
    a racy wine
  3. (figuratively, by extension) Exciting to the mind by a strong or distinctive character of thought or language; peculiar and piquant; fresh and lively.
  4. (programming) Involving a data race or a race condition.
    • 2014, Pete Goodliffe, Becoming a Better Programmer: A Handbook for People Who Care About Code:
      These are some common descriptions of badly constructed tests: Tests that sometimes run, sometimes fail (often this is caused by the use of threads, or racy code that relies on specific timing, by reliance on external dependencies, the order of tests being run in the test suite, or on shared state)
    • 2016, Elvira Albert, Ivan Lanese, Formal Techniques for Distributed Objects, Components, and Systems
      We evaluate the automatic fence insertion procedure by running our tool on a number of different benchmarks containing racy code.

Derived terms[edit]



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racy f

  1. genitive/dative/locative singular of raca