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cat +‎ -aholic


cataholic (plural cataholics)

  1. (informal) One who is extremely fond of cats.
    • 2000, Bob Walker & Frances Mooney, Crazy Cats, Andrews McMeel Publishing (2000), ISBN 9780740710261, unnumbered page (acknowledgements):
      Without the fur and purr, we wouldn't be the cataholics that we are today.
    • 2007, Bruce Fogle, If Your Cat Could Talk, DK Publishing (2007), ISBN 9780756626433, page 6:
      Where once only farmers and "cataholics" kept cats, today they are in all types of households, especially in homes with a history of dog-keeping and little knowledge of feline behavior.
    • 2007, Debra White Smith, Heather, Harvest House Publishers (2007), ISBN 9780736919296, page 250:
      “Maybe I need to send you to House Cats Anonymous,” he teased. “Hello, my name is Jake and I'm a cataholic. I can't stop eating them alive.”
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:cataholic.