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Blend of cat +‎ attitude.



  1. (humorous) The attitude of a cat.
    • 2011, M. R. Wells, Connie Fleishauer, & Dottie Adams, The Cat Lover's Devotional, Harvest House Publishers (2011), →ISBN, page 64:
      It took a lot of Rosie and Ernie to forgive their "bad cattitude" kitty.
    • 2013, Rohini Singh, Free Fall: The Journey Home, Hay House Publishers (2013), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      Rani, the cat, was a different ball game. She liked to keep her distance, had considerable cattitude, and preferred to live in a world of her own. She loved (and lived) her name – the queen, the royal one.
    • 2014, Kathleen M. Downey, Legendary Locals of Newburyport, Legendary Locals (2014), →ISBN, page 18:
      He adjusted to domesticated life remarkably well, retaining his regal feral “cattitude.”
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