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cavern +‎ -ed


caverned (comparative more caverned, superlative most caverned)

  1. (poetic) Pitted or hollowed out with caverns.
    • 1815 Lord Byron, The Siege of Corinth, XXXIII, lines 1022-1023,[1]
      The wolves yelled on the caverned hill
      Where echo tolled in thunder still;
  2. Living in a cavern.
    • 1734, Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man, Epistle 4,[2]
      No bandit fierce, no tyrant mad with pride,
      No caverned hermit, rests self-satisfied:
      Who most to shun or hate mankind pretend,
      Seek an admirer, or would fix a friend:
    • 1828, Walter Colton, Remarks on Duelling, New York: Leavitt, p. 40,[3]
      [] he will heed as little the lofty generous enterprises that kindle upon the moral world, as a caverned bear the luminous expanse of the glittering heaven.