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From chaleur +‎ -eux.


  • IPA(key): /ʃa.lœ.ʁø/
  • (file)


chaleureux (feminine chaleureuse, masculine plural chaleureux, feminine plural chaleureuses)

  1. (rare) Physically warm, radiating warmth.[1]
  2. (of a thing that has a particular effect on the senses) agreeable for its own qualities.[1]
  3. (of an alcoholic drink, especially wine) Rich in alcohol, feeling physically warm.[1]
  4. (of a color) warm.[1]
  5. (of a person or his personality) ardent, excited, emotive; especially, warm, cordial, showing affection.[1]
  6. (of a piece of literature or work of art) expressive; showing the author's or artist's feelings.[1]
  7. (rare) animated, as of a discussion.[1]
  8. (rare) Quick to anger.[1]


chaleureux m (plural chaleureux)

  1. a warm, emotive person.[1]
  2. a soft, expressive style of literature or art.[1]


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