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change +‎ over, from the phrasal verb.


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changeover (plural changeovers)

  1. A conversion or transition from one thing to another.
    • 1962 April, “The design of the S.R. electro-diesels”, in Modern Railways, page 393:
      Changeover from diesel to electric power can take place at any time while the locomotive is running and does not involve stopping the train.
    • 1999, Rob Aben, Saskia de Wit, The Enclosed Garden
      The changeover from dank, winding alleys to the openness, light and tranquility of the garden is utterly unexpected
    • 2004, Stewart Dalby, The Friends of Rathlin Island:
      The hotel receptionist added that the message came late last night. Unfortunately it had got mislaid with the changeover from the night manager.