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See chalk.



chaulk (countable and uncountable, plural chaulks)

  1. (obsolete, now only nonstandard, rare) Alternative spelling of chalk
    • 1597, Wiltshire Record Society, Wiltshire Record Society[1], volume 57, published 2005:
      At Compton Chamberlayne in 1597 the surveyor noted that, '. . . there is a chaulk pytt at the south-west corner of Compton arable fields neere the bottom of the Downe, where the tenants doe fetche Chaulk for manuringe theyr Lands
    • 1724-1741, Mary Freman Caesar, Dorothy Bundy Turner Potter, editor, The journal of Mary Freman Caesar, 1724-1741:
      Apelles Not drew liker in charcole then he in Chaulk.
    • a 1809, Matthew Boulton, quoting Nicholas Goodison, (Please provide the book title or journal name)[2], quoted in Ormolu: the work of Matthew Boulton, published 1974:
      Bees-wax 2 8 Verdegrees 1 Red chaulk 2 Allum 0 2 Borax 0 2 Sal ammoniack
    • 1985, Genealogy Club of America, Genealogy digest[3], volume 16-18:
      This will pull charcoal chaulk or pencil particles from the paper up to the polyester.


chaulk (third-person singular simple present chaulks, present participle chaulking, simple past and past participle chaulked)

  1. (obsolete, now only nonstandard, rare) Alternative spelling of chalk